It is Astrum’s belief

that every individual with dementia, regardless of the type, is unique and should be treated with respect and compassion while creating as many special moments as possible.

Music Therapy to Reduce Agitation

The music enables the retouch of memories that appear to have been lost for some time.

For Family Caregivers

Astrum Care wants to understand your unique needs as well as those of the individuals with dementia that you care for and the results of the product and services.

What You Need To Know

Years of research and experience have resulted in the development of materials for caregivers and along with products exclusively designed for individuals with dementia.


Astrum Care provides consultation and products to caregivers that are engaged in caring for individuals with all types of dementia. The founder is a registered nurse with more than forty years of experience in healthcare. For the last twenty years, the founder was privileged to witness and direct services and care using state of the art, compassionate treatment for hundreds of adults with end-stage dementia and coupled with support for their caregivers. These experiences provided the inspiration to create this service company.


Astrum Care provides several products to assist in the comfort and care for the individual, including the Astrum Weighted Blanket, the Astrum Therapeutic Teddy Bear and the Astrum Sensory Care Kit.


Astrum Care provides training and consultation services for caregivers and organizations to improve the quality of life for the caregivers and their patients.


Astrum Care realizes that the caregivers require the knowledge, tools and support to meet the needs of their loved ones. Through this website, on-line education and other services, Astrum assists those who are involved on a daily basis.

“At ASTRUM Care, we provide what you need to know about education programs, consulting services, and customized specialty products for patients and their caregivers.”


It is important for families and loved ones to know that every individual has emotional needs that are frequently misunderstood in the advanced stage of dementia. While many individuals may not be able to speak or may exhibit behaviors that are not understood, support may be offered that will give them great comfort. Frequently, individuals no longer recognize the family members, which may create a high level of discomfort for the family member attempting to engage the patient. Family members, loved ones do not need to talk a lot, simply being there, touching the patient’s hand or shoulder creates a presence and communicates caring.

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