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Who We Are

Astrum Care provides consultation and products to caregivers who are engaged in caring for individuals with all types of dementia. The founder is a registered nurse with more than forty years of experience in hospitals, home health care and hospice. During her last twenty years in practice, she has primarily been focused on end of life care with the specific intention of caring for adults with end stage dementia by employing state-of-the-art treatments coupled with dignity, compassion and support for caregivers. The founder was privileged to witness and direct services and care for hundreds of individuals and their caregivers. These experiences provided the inspiration to create a service company that addresses individual needs.

It is Astrum’s belief that every individual with dementia, regardless of the type, is unique and should be treated with respect and compassion while creating as many special moments as possible.

Years of research and experience have resulted in the development of materials for caregivers and along with products exclusively designed for individuals with dementia. Additionally, Astrum is committed to offering on-line assistance aimed at establishing the best application for a product and a desire to capture the results through learning from the caregiver.

The selection and design of items offered by Astrum stem from evidence-based practice (EBP), which is a term that has been used for many areas of health practice. The EBP incorporates principles of: best available research on whether a treatment works and why it works, the clinical judgment or expertise to identify risks or benefits of the intervention, and clinical preferences.

EBP approaches have undergone scientific evaluation and it is not based upon traditional methods, convention, beliefs or anectdotal experiences. Astrum has researched products offered to caregivers for the care of individuals with various types of dementia and has extensively researched the medical literature as well as observing a professional care team utilizing the products and recording the outcomes.

Astrum Care wants to understand your unique needs as well as those of the individuals with dementia that you care for and the results of the product and services. The company intends to collect data to improve individual and caregiver outcomes in meeting the challenges of daily living. By providing us with your experiences on our web site, we can better deliver the best products and services that provide comfort and safety to those with dementia.

 Our Mission

Astrum Care enhances the comfort and improves the quality of life for chronically ill persons in all care delivery settings.

The company achieves its mission with education programs, consulting services, and customized specialty products for patients and their caregivers including:

  • Education and training about specific diseases that warrant specialized caregiver expertise (Astrum Ed); and
  • Consulting services for individuals and institutional organizations focused on best practices supporting state of the art care (Astrum Advisor); as well as
  • Products that promote patient comfort and dignity while facilitating care and easing the burden for caregivers (Astrum Care).

Astrum Care

About Betty

Betty J Brennan, RN, BSN has a forty-year career in health care, the last thirty of which focused on the development and management of innovative healthcare services in the post-acute setting. Her background includes extensive practice in acute care cardiovascular and intensive care nursing as well as in home health care and hospice. Betty is the former owner and operator of Ramona, California-based Back Country Home Care which she sold to Scripps Medical Center in 1994. For thirteen years Betty was founder, president, and CEO of Boston, Massachusetts-based Beacon Hospice which she nurtured from a single site serving fourteen terminally ill homebound patients to twenty-five sites located in five New England states serving an average daily census of 1,400. She merged Beacon with Amedisys Corporation in June 2011. Betty, a creative service innovator, has contributed to the advancement of the quality of end-of-life care with proprietary services for terminal sufferers of cancer, cardiac disease, and dementia. In 2006 Betty was recipient of the prestigious Earnst & Young award of Entrepreneur of the Year for her creativity, leadership, business development, and management skills in health care services.

After leaving Beacon, Betty continued to be actively engaged in the health care field developing and marketing education, consultative services, and specialty products for the delivery of care, comfort, and enhanced quality of life to chronically ill persons. She also serves on the board of trustees of the National Hospice Foundation, Washington, DC; and is a board member of the Connecticut Alzheimer’s Association.

Betty, a registered nurse, received a nursing degree from the Eastern Maine School of Nursing and her BSN from the University of Phoenix.

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