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Music Therapy to Reduce Agitation

Personalized therapeutic music is an important consideration in providing patient centered care. Music therapy is a clinical evidence-bMPased intervention to assist in the reminiscence process, create calmness, reduce agitation and create lucid moments.
Many patients with advanced dementia have periods of agitation or extreme lethargy or both respond to music that they knew in earlier periods of their lives. The music touches memory and emotion that has been inaccessible for some time. Responses may result in smiling, keeping tune to the music, singing along and even talking. The episodes of lucidity and pleasure may continue for a period of time after the music has ended. The music enables the retouch of memories that appear to have been lost for some time. Virtually everyone that has had advancement of the disease, where there has been a loss of language has an awakening experience. The area of the brain that is touched is where there are emotion and mood centers. A familiar song will bring back memory associated with the events and memories surrounding that piece of music. While the disease destroys identity and dignity of self, the familiar music brings it all back for a few minutes or a few hours.

Astrum Care The Astrum Music Therapy program includes an electronic storage device (MP3/MP4) that can be programmed to contain a selection, or playlist, of songs that were personal favorites at an earlier time in life when the individual was cognitive. The customized playlist is created by Astrum based upon song selections made by friends and family members who choose from an extensive catalog of titles and artists. Music categories include 1930s, -40s, -50s, -60s, Broadway show tunes, DoWop, country music, spirituals, big band music, and classical.

Includes: MP3/MP4 Player, pre-programmed playlist, headset/headphones.
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