Astrum Care is committed to education and the development of knowledge and skills to better care for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other related dementia disorders. As the number of dementia patients increase and more is learned about the various forms of dementia, there is a need to better prepare health care professionals regardless of the type of facility that they work. Many states have developed requirements for health care workers that include training requirements as part of a professional certification process for the individual or employers are required to offer the training as part of the employment.

The settings for the delivery of health care has broadened to go beyond hospital and nursing home facilities to assisted living, group homes, adult day care, home care services and community based programs. To ensure the best quality of care in all care venues, specific training essentials have been codified to promote consistency in the training programs. Training requirements are in place in 15 states for administrators of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

There are 24 states and the District of Columbia that have dementia training for certified nursing assistants. New Jersey and Texas include licensed vocational nurses and registered nurses in the training requirements. There is not a consistent mandate from state to state related to the length of the programs. Health care professionals should inquire as to the requirements in their respective state of licensure or certification identified in the individual state requirements.

Astrum Care
Astrum Care has collated the state requirements as part of the process of preparing a comprehensive training program that meets of healthcare professionals. Several states have codified the essential care training standards that include:

  • Techniques for addressing the unique needs and behaviors of individuals with dementia.
  • Communicating with the cognitively impaired resident/patient.
  • Appropriate responses to the behavior of cognitively impaired resident/patient.
  • Methods to reduce the effects of cognitive impairment.
  • Safety methods and prevention plans to reduce the potential patient injury.
  • Prevention of patient abuse.

Astrum Care has included all of the essential standards and has added to the curriculum topics by focusing on person centered care to individuals with dementia. By incorporating best practices, creating an interactive adult learning method and using a competency based model with a credentialing exam, attendees will meet any of the state requirements, while developing new knowledge and skills.

The length of the class is eight hours unless there is a need for shorter (4 to 6 hours) or longer (12 hours). The program is designed to accommodate the RN, LVN, SW, CNA, and RT. Customization of the program is available for a multiple facility corporate entity.

A train-the-trainer option is also available for a facility that has 10 or more attendees at an initial training session.

Price for an individual training is $150.
Price for a facility training with 10 or more attending is $120.00 (a 20% reduction per individual attending).

If you are a Professional Caregiver – individual or facility – please contact us at for assistance in identifying and customize the best program for you.

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